A glimpse into Niggemann early days - since 1946

Niggemann as a family owned business was founded in 1946. And early as 1958 the company moved to the current location at Speicherstrasse in Bochum

Niggemann as a family owned business was founded in 1946. And early as 1958 the company moved to the current location at Speicherstrasse in Bochum

The success story of Niggemann started with small steps just after the war: Werner and Gertrud Niggemann started the company in a small town near the Dutch boarder in 1946. The first growth spurt came quickly and by 1958 at the current location the main products sold were Eggs & Poultry. Eventually, the company took a strategic direction toward a fresh-food concept in wholesale: starting with French fries and sausage, adding produce, fruit and salads, finally topping it with top of the line premium fish.

Today, at the beginning of 2011, Niggemann consists of 220 team members, some 20 large fresh-food delivery trucks serving the Ruhr area mostly around the clock with absolutely fresh products. The Wholesale Food Market serves the customers in the region daily from 6:30 to 18:00 h, Saturday from 8:30 to 13:00 h and even offering a Sunday morning emergency service to the foodservice customers. Professionals are the true focus of Niggemann, private consumers are not able to shop at the store.

These are the milestones in the history of Niggemann through today.

1946 founded by Werner Niggemann in Oeding close to the Dutch boarder.

1950 Return to Bochum. Supplying mostly small owner operated bakeries and educational or retail customers with eggs. The company is now located in a former bunker, stairs down to an underground hall in Bochum Hamme.

1951 Start at the Bochum wholesale market at Scharnhorststrasse with a small wooden cart to handle sales and some storage.

1954 Expanding the space at the wholesale market with a robust brick building. Starting to add additional product lines, such as poultry and cheese. Cold Storage was rented at the main frozen-storage-compound at Bochum Robertstraße.

1956 Transforming the company into the Werner Niggemann GmbH, shared ownership by  Gertrud und Werner Niggemann.

1957 Acquisition of the first lot at  Bochum Speicherstraße.

1958 Completion of the first building at Speicherstrasse. Seasonal Christmas business was handled in the new building already. Many customers, who were serving the open farmers markets came from long distance to get poultry form Niggemann.

1959 Final Sale of the old wholesale market, as the new location proves to be a success story:

1960 First Expansion at  Speicherstraße, Extension of product lines for foodservice

1964 Construction of the so-called Pavillion – Commencement of distribution of chicken rotisseries made in USA by  Barbecue King, Greenville, SC.

1971 Second Generation joins the company: Herwig Niggemann starts on June 1st, 1971, after a bank education at Deutsche Bank, Berlin and graduating from Freie Universität Berlin with a master of Business Administration. He joins the company as a third Managing Director

1973 Opening of a new expansion to existing buildings with large capacity for frozen food storage (underground with 6,50m high ceilings) and much bigger refrigerated storage.

1974 onward – step-by-step expansion of product lines in more fresh product areas (meat, fine food, produce, fish and finally dairy). At the same time, Niggemann developed its secondary competence in foodservice equipment for restaurants - both branches of the company were prosperously expanding.

1982 Acquisition of the neighboring building westwards, owned by Frigalient. Expansion to that building and finally connecting the two parts in 1985/86: total surface then: about 5000 sq. meter

1988 Acquisition of ELVA-Großküchentechnik GmbH in Unna, a stainless-steel manufacturer specialized in foodservice kitchen equipment for chain restaurants.

1994 Acquisition of the building on the east side, formerly used by Schaper, a competing Cash & Carry company (part of Metro-group), giving up their location. The new building becomes the new center for the foodservice equipment part of the company. Niggemann has become one of the leading suppliers in the market large scale kitchens in Germany and other European countries, successful with customers like McDonald's, Burger King, Ikea, Pizza Hut, Karstadt etc.

1999 Branching out of the two competencies into two separate companies: Niggemann Food Frischmarkt GmbH and Niggemann Foodservice Technik GmbH, both subsidiaries of the holding Werner Niggemann GmbH

2000 Sale of Foodservice Technik GmbH to the Swiss Franke AG. Niggemann focuses on the core competency: fresh food distribution with the  Niggemann Food Frischemarkt

2002 Acquisition of Einhaus-Frisch GmbH Gelsenkirchen (Josef Einhaus GmbH): increased focus on poultry and game distribution

2005 Major relaunch and reconstruction/modernizing of the building Speichstraße 6-8 (food)

2007 Einhaus-Frisch GmbH moved from Gelsenkirchen to Bochum und gets integrated into the main company Niggemann Food Frischemarkt GmbH

2009 The building Speicherstraße 4, temporarily rented to Franke is returned to Niggemann as Franke no longer has use for the building except for one floor of office space. Niggemann Food Frischemarkt utilizes the space for several "new style" house exhibits, showing the future of Niggemann: a new type of fresh wholesale distribution

2010 Launch of the new concept of a new Fresh Wholesale Market, now on a total of 40.000 sqm (after  acquisition of further land on the west side from Deutsche Bahn).

2010 Third Generation joins the company as shareholders and managing directors of the holding company Werner Niggemann GmbH. Rainer Altendeitering, then 22 years with the company is appointed the sole Managing Director of the Niggemannn Food Frischemarkt GmbH.

2011 New Management structure: The operating company Niggemann Food Frischemarkt is run by Rainer Altendeitering as CEO together with Annegret Militz, Director of Finance, Administration and Human Resources. An advisory board, consisting of Herwig Niggemann as chairman, Kai und Gesa Niggemann as further shareholders and two external experts is formed to assist the management of the operating company and to approve decisions in financial and strategic matters.